Visual interactive web annotations

Juntoo is being discontinued. We were unable to make Juntoo a sustainable project, and the tool will therefore sunset in January 2018.

Until then, all existing users can continue to use the tool as before.

For inquiries regarding Juntoo, please contact (co-founder and author of Juntoo).

Juntoo was an early (2013) implementation of a concept of visual interactive web annotations. As of writing, I still don't think there are fully feature-complete counterparts, but there are similar systems, e.g:, Scrible, and the W3C, who have worked on a standard, and published some recommendations in February 2017.

Quickly stick a note to any text, image or graphic on any webpage

Notes sticks to their elements even on responsive web pages.

Send marked up webpages to others

Share and simply point others to specific webpage elements you want them to see.